Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Knight Scanning

(If anyone knows why blogger's image upload finishes with a blank window in no image, please let me know. Only links elsewhere seem to work.:-/ )

The difficulty of 2-ply Knight scanning.

I never realized that even a Knight in the center is unable to reach its full potential on a 8x8 board.


I found some book problems I forget to review. DOH! Someday I will finish these crazy circles and work on better scanning, endgames, and openings. Back to TCT...


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2
Step 197%99%
Step 293%*98%
Step 393%??%
Step 480%??%
Step 574%??%

The difficulty of 2-ply Knight scanning.

He,he,he, now you know why my Knightscan is still "under construction"
BTW, I emailed Blogger about the picture-upload-problem.
I sometimes think the Knight at 2-ply is similar to a Bishop. Still, it just does not appear simple.
According to blogger, they solved the image upload problem
I do a 2 move Knight scan this way: Look at the shadow squares and «mark» them as unreachable. «Draw» a circle with 4 squares radius around the Knight. All remaining squares of same color as Knight in this circle are reachable in 2 moves. Of course there must be a safe path to each of them, but this is another story. Anyway, in an endgame with mostly empty board this is very useful.
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