Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Thoughts on Scanning

Tempo and Mousetrapper have been working on a piece scan system. I have been following this with great interest, and have noticed several other Knights are asking questions about it. I am thinking that the key differences between their scanning system and the general advice to "examine every move" is twofold:

  1. Extending the scan to go through all pieces in line with each Queen, Rook, and Bishop, and
  2. See the pattern of a "*", "+", or "X", all at once for those pieces.

Tempo has added some pertinent details, and this system looks like a winner.


I have reviewed most of the book problems from prior circles, and it showed that I was a little rusty. I must say that Polgar 4881 (of 5334) is a major piece of work to refute all over again. Then I finished Step 1 of TCT in two days :-). I got 99% on step 1, which seems good, but these are easy, and I am wanting get 100%. Memorizing them isn't actually going to remedy this problem, only obscure how sloppy I occasionally am. I suppose that everybody makes mistakes, even grandmasters. *sigh*

I am beginning to see how Michael de la Maza got to the place of creating his highly disciplined 5 minute move system. It's so easy to miss one obvious threat or tactic that I am considering adopting a similar approach. Back to the problems for now...


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2
Step 197%99%
Step 293%??%
Step 393%??%
Step 480%??%
Step 574%??%

The two systems aren't opposite but complementary to each other. Or better, the one is an extension of the other.
There is a good atmosphere among the Knights. So we can critisize each others ideas in a healthy way with an open mind. In such atmosphere ideas can blossom.

BTW, your remarks give me a good idea!
My system comprises two key elements:
Scanning targets and scanning attackers. Since it costs me alot of time to do both scans at the same time, it might be more effective to train both scans seperate!

So I will have a look again on Mousetrappers X-ray jogging, because I didn't quite get it yet.
X-Ray jogging is above all a way to see threats faster after the opponent has moved. Second, it allows you to see at a glance what your own pieces can do. This is fine, but surely not enough. The real stuff is targets, and there are many of them. You may lose too much time when you scan all possible targets. I think there are two methods to get around this: Store the targets you have found earlier, so that you have not to repeat the scan every move. And secondly, filter the targets and focus on the most promising ones.
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