Sunday, May 29, 2005


Disaster on the seventh rank

Down to 60 percent last bunch = (.

TCT Circle 1
Result step 1: Average score 97 %
Result step 2: Average score 93 %
Result step 3: Average score 93 %
Result step 4: Average score 80 %
Result step 5: Average score 83 % [6-17 left]
Finished circle 2 of book problems 204-218

The first circles I scored this one badly too.
I am starting to respect TCT more and more. It is kicking my butt at Step 2! My mean score so far in Step 2 is 83%. Who knows what embarassments wait for me at Step 5.

How much time do you usually spend on a problem?
Unless I think I know the answer, I would say about 6 minutes. Certainly some take 4 minutes, and a few take 10 +. Those are ones where I feel like I am doing the most learning.
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