Saturday, June 04, 2005


Thought for the day

I was thinking about the common opinion that people have that traditional IQ should correspond to chess ability. I think someone with a normal IQ but who could do all of the following would have an edge:


TCT Circle 1
Result step 1: Average score 97 %
Result step 2: Average score 93 %
Result step 3: Average score 93 %
Result step 4: Average score 80 %
Result step 5: Average score 83 % [8-17 left]
Finished circle 2 of book problems 204-218

1. Give me a whip and I finish every gourmet in no time.

2. I speak German, English and French as if it is my native language. When you live in a little country with big neighbours, one has to. My Sanskrta is still below every standard, though.

3. Paying my bills with money that I don't actually have should fit the bill.

4. Everything I have flown in has come done untill now.

5. Everytime we jam in the elevator.

6. I sold my euros for dollars and now I have much more dollars than euros.

7. I always threaten the parents.

8. I have the IQ of a genius.

But I stil suck at ches!!
Interesting...Everybody at every level seems to suck. Is anyone good out there?! (lol)

Clearly, IQ does not prevent sucking.
If you can handle a non-cooperating choir (always when the weather is stormy,they are like that) without using a whip, you can learn to play a little chess as well!
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