Saturday, June 18, 2005


Snort Fort

Anyone ever hear that weird Leo Kottke poem set to music? It's called "Jack Gets Up" and it seems like it was written I have done too many tactics problems today state of mind. Actually, I bet he doesn't play much chess, otherwise it might have been

Every night in the evening when you need to go to bed you stay awake
and do tactics problems,
and do tactics problems,
and do tactics problems,
every night in evening when your not in bed.

I think is was Sancho Pawnza who likened regular tactics training to the Olympic runner who found the workouts easy enough to do, but discovered that doing the same workout every day was enough to drive him batty. The daily practice of doing these is harder than the problems at this point. I hope with later circles it smooths out. Eyes on on the prize...


TCT Circle 1
Result step 1: Average score 97 %
Result step 2: Average score 93 %
Result step 3: Average score 93 %
Result step 4: Average score 80 %
Result step 5: Average score 73 % [16-17 left] (up 1%!)
Finished circle 2 of book problems 204-218

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