Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Finished Circles 5-7

Glad to be done =). Although it was getting boring towards the end, I believe it helped my chess overall. My speed with other checkmate problems in this book is up a notch.

What were you doing the circles with again? I thought you were doing them with Reinfeld's 1001 book, but it seems you went really fast.
Yes, that's the book, but I was just tackling 43 of the toughest problems in their. For years I have been collecting problem numbers of ones that I could not solve, and that essentially is where the problems came from.
Congratulations. People would ask "HIM" over and over again "how much did your rating actually increase?"
Thanks everyone!
It's always great to meet a new friend. I'm looking forward to reading your blog AND your posts here on our cwazy, loveable but always respectable site.

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