Saturday, December 30, 2006


Circle 3 Complete

I am sinking into shallow pattern recognition solving the circle checkmates. When I recognize it I slow myself down and deliberately calculate through it again. That is one of the problems with books: the answers don't punish incomplete variation thinking.

I have found two wrong answers, 513 and 524. The mating idea was right, it just took more moves.

For about a month I have had difficulty leaving comments on blogs. If it doesn't go to a comment page that never completely loads it asks me to login and in the process loses my comment. I find it really irritating that something that was working for years is broken.

I always make a copy of my comment before I log in.
Same here, Tempo.

I had the same problem, KOTS, because I refuse to "upgrade" to the beta version until they have worked out its kinks. I guess we get to buy into some kinks of our own.
Frustrated with blogger? You can always consider moving to WordPress... I did too ;-)
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