Saturday, November 11, 2006



Black to Move

I have not done much with chess recently, but occasionally I get in a little blitz, checkmate problems, and some TCT review. Oh, also a couple of annotated games each month. It just isn't the same as when I was doing the circles, as my board vision is really poor now.

Although I enjoy blitz, I there isn't enough time to appreciate the endgame. I was White in this position and had not accurately calculated Black's options. I now think this is a nice little endgame problem, one path leading to a quick demise, another leading to chances.

Answer:[ ...a6! and now Black can meet b7 with ..Kc7]

Nice problem! I quit to study endgames altogether in favour for middlegame study. I'm sure that improved middlegame play leads to more endgames. It will be easier to study endgames later when there is a need for it than to do it now because of the intellectual consideration that "it is good for me anyway". It's important that you can exercise on the board what you study.
good post; i study only middlegame tactics now and only simple endgame tactics (P+K vs K, P+K vs P+K, etc) since I don't encounter them that much.
I would play h3 here and then move my king to block if the g pawn moved to promote. that is how I would start out
a6 i mean.
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