Thursday, November 16, 2006


I Feel Good

... to quote singer James Brown. I received a gift in a recent blitz game.

White to Move

I was White and boldly took the Bishop with Qxd7. Black took the sacrifice (ouch!) ...Qxd7. Fork, fork,...

I assume that you're calling this a gift because when you went back and analyzed it you found out why Qxd7 was losing.
To Loomis: LOL, don't be so harsh, we are talking about blitz here:)
I'm having a hard time calculating this morning...loomis, are you suggesting that the line is something like Qxd7 Rxe5 winning the pawn on e2?
Sorry, I didn't mean to be harsh. :-)

Yes, I think that Qxd7 Rxe5 is winning for black. But mostly because black is already ahead a rook for a minor piece. So I guess Qxd7 isn't really a losing move, though trading pieces isn't usually in favor of the side that is behind.

On the other hand, since Qxd7 does have a trick to it, it can be worth playing in blitz, as KotS can tell you. :-)
...Qxd7 was a gift, plain and simple :-).

My initial Qxd7 wasn't exactly stellar, it's true. Fritz says f4 is even, a move I did not even look at.
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