Thursday, October 19, 2006


Indirect Threat

I got in a little blitz and thought I would post one of the really nice opportunity I missed in time pressure. This one looks like it is right out of TCT.

Black to Move

I ended up playing the klunky ...Kd6, aiming to march the Black King over to the White Rook. I missed the wonderful ...Rf1, quietly threatening ...Rxf2+ and promotion simultaneously.

It would be of TCT if the black pawn and the white king had 2 squares in between in stead of one. Now the white king can protect its rook.
But the e3 pawn will fall if Rf1 Rxb2 Rxf2.
Even if you put the e3 pawn on a2 where black won't win it (at least not immediately), Rf1 is still the right idea. Black is two pawns up and should have a straightforward win, the rooks only complicate matters -- especially when white's rook is active and black's is passive. So, Rf1 forcing the trade of rooks simplifies the game to mere technicality even if it doesn't win material.
Wow, Loomis, very insightful. I really have to stretch my brain to assess that a2 pawn variation. O.o
The instant I saw the position some weird theme popped up in my head, and it took me about 10 seconds to find the move! Never happened before.

I think I recognised the position from one of the examples MDLM took up in the end of his book. There he does a similar manouvre with his rook but ends winning the rook after skewering the king.
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