Saturday, August 12, 2006



I am keeping up review, doing roughly 10 problems per day. I was very rusty with the Mammoth Book of Chess review, though not too bad with Seirawan's tactics book.

I have not played any long games recently but I am still having fun with 5/12. Here's a finish from one where I couldn't help but indulge my tendency to liquidate with Qxe8+ Kxe8 Nc7+ Kd7 Nxa6 :).

White to Move

Nothing wrong with that...I had a friend over to play some chess last night (she's ok, but never seriously attempted to improve) and she was berating me for converting my won position into a win in a "boring, inelegant" way.

I think the time for elegance is when you're acquiring that won position. After that, I say there's nothing wrong with grinding them down any way you can. I think I need to point her to Heisman's article on winning a won game.
I think the Cheap wow goldtime with regard to style occurs when you might be acquiring that earned situation. And then, I believe that nothing is wrong along with mincing all of them all the way down by any means it is possible to. I do believe Buy rs goldI should point the woman's for you to Heisman's document with earning a new gained video game
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