Tuesday, September 05, 2006


More Down Than Up

I think it has finally happened. After months of doing 10 problems a day, some chunk of "circle" power has gone away. I am falling back into old habits, not seeing pins or assessing them wrong, not calculating Queen moves exhaustively, and occasionally even missing mate threats I was recently so keen on looking out for. I suspect this is temporary, just part of the process of getting better.

Black to Move

Here is a recent blitz loss as Black. To me it looks like my middlegame is strong but my endgame is a disaster. That's the exact opposite of how I used to be.

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nf6 3. Nxe5 d6 4. Nf3 Nxe4 5. Qe2 Qe7 6. d3 Nf6 7. Qxe7+
Bxe7 8. Be2 O-O 9. O-O Re8 10. Re1 Bf8 11. Nc3 Nbd7 12. Bg5 h6 13. Bh4 b6
14. Nb5 Nd5 15. c4 a6 16. Nbd4 Nf4 17. Bg3 Nxe2+ 18. Nxe2 Bb7 19. Nfd4 Ne5
20. Bxe5 dxe5 21. Nc2 Rad8 22. Rad1 f5 23. Ng3 g6 24. b3 h5 25. Ne2 h4 26.
Nc3 g5 27. Ne3 Bb4 28. Ncd5 Bxd5 29. Nxd5 Bxe1 30. Nf6+ Kf7 31. Nxe8 Rxe8
32. Rxe1 e4 33. Rd1 Rd8 34. d4 f4 35. Kf1 g4 36. Ke2 Kf6 37. d5 Kf5 38. g3
hxg3 39. fxg3 fxg3 40. hxg3 Ke5 41. Ke3 c6 42. d6 Rxd6 43. Rxd6 Kxd6 44.
Kxe4 Ke6 45. Kf4 Kf6 46. Kxg4 Kg6 47. Kf4 Kf6 48. b4 c5 49. a3 a5 50. bxa5
Black resigns

In the diagram I missed the simple tactic exd3! White's Rook cannot recapture due to Rxd3 Re1#. D O H !

As I always say, it are the simple ones that are killing us:)
Also missed 31. ... Bxf2+ which would leave you up a pawn.

I'm also curious about move 24 where you play 24. ... h5. It looks like trying a plan with Bg7, c5, and e4 might be good. Opening up the center should be good fo the side with the two bishops.

22. ... Rd6 instead of f5 also looks interesting, threatening to double on the d-file or play Rg6.
Thanks for the comments. I sure ignored that Bishop sacrifice, and I think I was blindly continuing the calculation I had (wrongly) done two moves before.

Even though this is blitz, I guess it still shows some of my middlegame weakness. About the c5 idea- I saw that but thought keeping my Bishop controlling that a3-f8 diagonal would be slightly better. Pushing e4 was certainly on my mind, although I was concerned about either losing my Bishop pair for not much in return or getting an isolated e4 pawn out exchanges on that square. Your 22. ... Rd6 idea was very interesting.
6. d3 ?! is terrible.

6. d4! is correct.
I think the most obvious missing win here was 39. ... fxg3 where either f3+ or Rh8 would have carried the day.
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