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I have been frustrated recently with this blog's search capabilities. Looking for text "magnetism" in a post from last year turns up nothing. GRR. is a fun, dynamic position that I lucked into. Enjoy.

White to Move

My two second analysis says Rf6, but I'm usually wrong.
Hint: White's Queen is immaterial.
You guys are joking, right?

I found this at Blogger help:

Since Blog Search indexes blogs by their site feeds, it will only include items that have been posted since it started indexing a given blog. For most blogs, that will be around June 2005, or the time at which you submitted your blog for inclusion. We are working on ways to include older posts as well.

You can find your old posts by searching in edit blog mode.
The point was Black did not consider a Queen sacrifice. It's mate in two.

Thanks for posting the Blogger help. I did not know searches could be done in edit mode.

It's actually mate in two for whoever moves first. Wite has a Queen sac while Black has a classic mating pattern.
True Jim. I think there is some name for this type of situation.
I don't see the mate in 2 for black. It looks like Nxf1 will win, but white can play Bg7+ and not get mated immediately.
Black to move would have been Knight to e2 check followed by mate on h2.
Ne2+ Kf2, I don't think there is a mate there.
Ack, my White and Black are reversed! I see now, Loomis.
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