Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Stupidity Repellent

Just spray it on and it keeps you blunder free! Never fall for another trap again! Play more actively in no time!

Wouldn't that be great?! You could charge a pretty penny for it, too.
To some degree, that's what I hope to get from all this chess study. As of yet, I have not found any appropriate repellent in liquid or tablet form, so I suppose the circles will have to do.


I think that many good points about CTS have been made on J'adoube's latest post, both pro and con.

I have used CTS more since my last post, maybe 10-15 problems several days a week. I certainly don't think I have used it enough to draw any new conclusions, but I agree with Tempo that the major weakness is lack of integrated mechanism for problem repetition. It obviously isn't a panacea, I agree with J'adoube's points on the importance of good opening and middlegame play. Nonetheless, I like CTS for what it is, and use it to find where my tactical blind spots are.

I want to add that I do not like to guess using CTS. I attempt to really see the essential idea before playing any move. I could care less about the timer, but if my percentage falls below 80 percent, that's the signal to me that I am guessing
. If my rating drops on the server, I take it to mean that I am tired. No big deal.

One cool CTS interface idea I thought of was a vision mode - i.e. rather than seeing your opponent's move they just put in the text move.


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3Circle 4
Step 197%99%99%100%r
Step 293%96%95%97%
Step 393%97%97%96%
Step 480%86%90%92%*
Step 574%



The succesrate at CTS is a sort of Chess-conscience-meter. It shows how sloppy you allow yourself to be.
Yeah, but when we blunder, we make
the other guy so happy.

Is there no value in that? (;-)

Don't you feel good when you help
a little old lady across the street
hehe... absolutely... probably worth at least 2 pawns.
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