Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Circle 4, Step 2 Complete

I just barely made it to 97% for all of Step 2 this time. It's nice to get an upward trend for Step 2.

I just checked out One Move Chess by the Champions. It is a collection of mate problems taken from games played by the World Champions v. Amateurs through GMs. I like how it's more talky than most problem collections, especially after spending so much time earlier with Polgar's 5334. It has a brief bit of information on each player, and on each problem they give a subtle hint if your stuck. Mainly it is a relief to go through something like this without any time pressure or percentage recording :-).


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3Circle 4
Step 197%99%99%100%r
Step 293%96%95%97%
Step 393%97%97%97*%
Step 480%86%90%??%
Step 574%



I never understand why chessbooks have to be so dull. I have a few books of GM Joe Gallagher, which are kind of readable becomes he flicks in some humor every now and then. Ok, chess is about life and death, but a smile shouldn't be forbidden.
Well said =).
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