Saturday, December 03, 2005


Black Knights

I have joined the ranks of the Black Knights for the upcoming ICC 45/45 team tournament. I hope we fare better than the Black Knight in the "Holy Grail".

Although I am doing ok with the problems, I feel myself lagging. I am really getting to the point of just wanting to be done with these circles. I think I will at least aim for using some holiday time to eliminate Step 2 and perhaps even Step 3 once and for all.


Here's a pin-breaking tactic that came up recently. White to move.


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3Circle 4
Step 197%99%99%100%r
Step 293%96%95%97%
Step 393%97%97%96%
Step 480%86%90%91%*
Step 574%



Re8+! breaks Black's pin on White's Bishop. After Rxe8 Bxf7+ Kf8 Bxe8 Kxe8 Nxh7 it's an easy win for White. Lucky for me too, as my opponent blundered away a big advantage :-).
Hehe "None shall pass!!"
Hang in there on the circles. What division are you going to be in by the way? Is King of the Spill your ICC handle?
Ah yes, the handle is kingofthespill, and the team is the under 1600 Black Knights in the "Erg U1600 Section" on the ICC side.
I meant to add "Sahara Division"
Even though Cheap wow goldI am carrying out ok with the issues, I am myself lagging. I'm really getting to the point of simply just planning to be performed with such circles. I believe I'll no Buy rs goldless than aim for using some holiday period to get rid of Step 2 and perhaps even Action 3 completely.
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