Saturday, October 29, 2005


Step 5 keeps going and going...

My percentage in TCT is dropping, mainly due to running into composed problems. Am I the only one who dislikes composed problems? They seem like the opposite of preparing for games, looking for tactical possibilities in natural positions. Thankfully TCT doesn't have too many of these sets of problems.

In spite of the siren's lure of increasing my rating in just under 3 seconds, I am not using CompulsiveTacticsServer regularly, and my focus on finishing my TCT circles. I want to post on CTS later, but I can summarize by saying that it seems like it is testing me on what I know more than building up my foundation.

I haven't been playing at all, which probably isn't good. Still, it seems pointless to attempt to play when I don't have mental focus and (of course) time available.

I hope to at least get in some drills today.


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3
Step 197%99%99%
Step 293%96%95%
Step 393%97%97%
Step 480%86%90%
Step 574%



There is little of no use in solving composed problems. At the CD's of George Renko I always skip them.
I think composed problems are great to improve calculating abilities, but not for pattern recognition.
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