Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Good Game

I finally got my Circles pay off in a standard game! I was extra focused on every threat on every move, both mine and my opponents, which helped. Too many times in the past I have been surprised by my opponents response. Anyway, t was nice to win and play well, and this may be my best of the year :).

My opponent played the opening ok (he lost a tempo) and then he got into an early attack before castling. I defended really well, countered with 12...d5, then White's position fell apart and he resigned, down 3 pawns in a passive position. I actually was hazy on his response of 13. d4, but as much as I could calculate 12...d5 was the best, especially in view of his wing attack potential.


Back to normal mistakes... I have been not playing blitz very well, probably it doesn't matter :). Here my opponent had a good move:

Black to Move






Bxb4! and White cannot recapture without getting forked with discovery with axb4 Nxb4.

In the past I hated your playing style the most:

Non-ambitious, as if anything else than a draw is an unnatural outcome of a game.
Let me do all the work, the thinking, take the responsibilities for the game.
And then, after a slip, they mop up the wreckage that your position has become by trading off all pieces.:)

I started gambits because it was a very unusual style for me.
When in a learning phase, it is very good to adopt a style that's not your own. Because you will learn the utmost from it.
Lately, when the position requires it, I started to adopt your passive playing style. It is very unnatural for me, but that's why it is so good. I even trade queens every now and then. A blasphemy for the true gambiteer. . .:)
And you know what, I'm going to like it. I'm no longer nervous when I'm not a pawn behind:). And I have always an extra ace in the sleeve when things become wild.
You have achieved flexibility, definitely a desirable characteristic :). And though I am still not tactically as dangerous as others at my rating, once in awhile I do get sharp. Remember this?
Nice game. On 14 if he had not moved his Knight would you of taken with your pawn? As white I might have kept my knight there to tempt you to take it. I think the recapture with my pawn would start a strong attack on the open hfile. Don't know if it is sound but it would be fun *)
hmm...I would have taken it and it appears that White does get an attack, though it looks a bit difficult to play accurately. Good catch!
Great sport.Cheapest Diablo 3 gold In Age 14 in the event that he had not necessarily shifted his / her Soldier do you involving obtained along with your third hand? Because whitened I would have got stored my knight at this time there to be able to coax you to definitely go. I'm sure the particular recapture together with my 2nd hand would likely begin a sturdy strike about Cheap Diablo 3 goldthe wide open hfile. Are not aware of when it is noise nevertheless it could well be enjoyable 2 .)
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