Thursday, July 13, 2006


And Chess Marches On...

I have to chuckle. I am reviewing TCT at 100-200 problems per week, and I just got a problem wrong that I got right on the 7th Circle. At this point it seems humorous. I see that I will forever be a student of chess, Circles or not. I find that my review focus is more like a real game, taking the time that I need and not rushing. I find that solving 10 TCT problems before playing a game is a good warm-up.

I must say I enjoy not be so intense about solving problems. I have already gotten into a more balanced mindset, looking at annotated games, a bit of endgame stuff, and openings every week. Speaking of openings, after getting the suggestion from Dr. Munky, I looked into the Cunningham defense in the King's Gambit Accepted. I think it is a sharp and intriguing line, but slightly over my level. I think I will play around with it in blitz and rely on the prosaic 2..Bc5 for standard. I can imagine going into the Cunningham defense when faced with a lower rated opponent for some reason.

I would be curious if anyone else used the Cunningham defense. I imagine Tempo and Takchess would play that style very well.

An unsuspecting watcher can easily be impressed by the awkward position of white with his king at f1 in the Cunningham. But that is a typical optical illusion in the kings gambit. The Bh4+ is actually considered wrong according theory when the king can go to f1. If you look closer, than you will see that white has everything in hands what he wants to have. And indeed the bishop is badly placed at h4, preventing the black night to go to f6, where it belongs. Bg5 is lousy either for black, looking against his own pawn.I have always looked upon the Cunningham as a comfortable line for white. But you have to know how to play it ofcourse.
I will post some ideas as to what I like to play against the Kg when I have a little time. I am interested what tempo would play against the KG but I have a feeling he is playing the scandanavian so never gets there. so I would ask him what lines he finds most difficult . accept then ..d5?
Actually I DO get every now and then a kings gambit while playing black when I play the fromm gambit against the Bird. 1.f4 e5 2.e4

I find it terrible to play against the KG because I want to be at the other side of the board. I have not really a good line as black but I'm definitely not going to take the pawn on f4. Because you can't hold it and you throw away the center and a tempo. So I decline and castle long as fast as possible and start praying. . .
I personally like the counter-gambit 2... d5, but 2...Bc5 seems like the best positional defensive response to me. I never have beaten anyone >1500 in standard time control playing 2... d5 unfortunately so I look for other lines that do work for me.

->But you have to know how to play it ofcourse.
I think that is the point of the Cunningham, i.e. betting that your going to know it better than White and your tactically strong enough to see how to take advantage of his little mistakes. It's appealing in that way to me, and certainly challenging.
There are about 15 ways to accept decline the KG all which win and lose. I have toyed around with the cunningham but don't have a good understanding/feel for it. after blacks first bishop move he then plays Ng6 which I don't yet understand.

I have not settled upon a defense for black yet and play alot of different things as part of my education. 8)One can have some very interesting games by accepting and then playing g5.I think there is alot to learn there and it is sound just tactical. This leads to the Kieritsky (sp?) gambit as well as alot of gambits by white: muzio etc. Alot of 19th century theory here. To me the falkbeer is something I have had success with as well.

Here is a famous game in the cunningham

also here are a group of my king gambit collections.Note my prejudice is to save collections of white winning not black wins or draws.
Do you play the Kg as white?
I don't play King's Gambit as White - I find that I both don't have the preparation and tactical skills to bring it off. Black does have a variety of responses, and it's understandable how it was so popular back in the day where gambits were not refused due to cultural conventions. I agree with those folks who say studying it will make you a stronger player. I suppose the same has been said about the KID.

That game is interesting, and it shows how wild things can get early on.
King I am getting booked up against the falkbeer. once I have completed my fritz file I will get it over to you. Do you know consider yourself a MDLM grad? If so congratulations!
Thanks, yes I do. I don't know how far this training will take me, but it has addressed some of my weakest areas and I bring a little bit more to the board :-).
The dude is completely just, and there is no suspicion.
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