Friday, June 23, 2006


Sir Lazy Brain

I am working through 60-80 problems per 30-40 minutes a day with TCT Step 4 and 5. On the good side I continually think that this stuff is worth reviewing and I don't mind an 8th Circle. The bad news is I seem to be sliding back into more beginner calculation errors. I have noticed this happening to me in both problems and games. I am seeing tactical possibilities but not accurately calculating my opponent's defensive resources, and am making bad moves as a result. I must have a lazy brain, or perhaps part of it went on vacation. Maybe this is one of the dangers doing too many problems, problems that are typically setup as an "spot the unanswerable tactically winning move".


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3Circle 4Circle 5Circle 6Circle 7
Step 197%99%99%100%r
Step 293%96%95%97%96%99%100%
Step 393%97%97%96%96%98%99%
Step 480%86%90%92%89%94%96%*
Step 574%77%83%87%88%91%

I find a similar problem with doing lots of puzzles. In real games, I need to put a lot more effort into thinking of what my opponent is up to, counterattacks, etc.. That is, I need to think defensively.
Have either of you considered adding another facet to your program by going through annotated games or playing solitaire chess? Might help with the calculation problems
I haven't done solitaire very often but I am pretty poor at it. I am more regularly going through annotated games weekly, but that is really slow to help the situation. The one thing helpful thing I have done awhile back (when I had more time) is play vision chess games. That is where you text the moves and look at a board that is 2 ply behind.
I have never completed solitaire very often howevergw2 gold feel fairly very poor advertising online. I will be more regularly under-going annotated games each week, but that is really slower to aid the problem. The single thing beneficial issue I have done awhile back (while i had more hours) is actually perform vision chess activities. That may be the place you wording the actual movementsDiablo 3 Gold kaufen
and check out a new panel that's A couple of spond behind.
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