Saturday, May 07, 2005

I got to take the day off and got in a bit more chess. It's clear; chess is a treat! 5534, opening books, tactics tactics tactics..., reading through not one but 2 Marshall games with annotations, and finishing with reading and blogging. I feel lucky!


TCT Circle 1
Result step 1: Average score 97 %
Result step 2: Average score 93 %
Result step 3: Average score 93 %
Result step 4: Average score 81 % 14-17 left

Finished circle 2 of book problems 204-218

I agree. And I esteem this feeling as the best motivation to study.
Nice to see how you are doing.
You know we do the same Tasc?
Yes, and thanks to the Knights and Princess who have recommended it :-).
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