Thursday, March 17, 2005


TASC Chess Tutor

I just got the CD running and it looks excellent for beginning tactics. I like how the quizzes after each new section test you on everything that was covered up to that point, like cumulative review built in. For anyone who was looking for a "level 0" to CT-Art, this is it. As far as circles are concerned, I just don't see the whole thing worth doing 7 times. Maybe I will simply repeat anything until it's 100%.

Before it arrived, I reviewed the "professional combinations" in the back of Sierawan's tactics book. I even printed out a diagram of the famous "Steinitz v. Bardeleben" combination and am drawing lines on it for every sub-variation. That's very much breaking new ground for me, and I question if I will ever fully calculate all of it in 30 seconds even with memorization. I am going to do 7 circles of those problems from the Sierawan book first, and then focus more on the new CD.

I still look at the Polgar 5334 occasionally, and if I have enough time attempt to at least get in six mate in two problems and as many mate in three afterwards as I can. I have made a decision to not do any more composed problems at this time, so I jumped to 3515 for the mate in two bookmark.


In circle 2 of problems 204-218

I postponed the CD of Renko for a little while and I'm now busy to do step 3,4 and 5 a few times.(a few years ago I did it 3 times).
This gives me the feeling that there will be no hiatus in my basics.
Beside that there is some endtraining in it which is my weakest point.
Even at step 3 I make a mistake now and then.
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