Tuesday, March 01, 2005



Need to mention that I am beginning to see results with my mini-circles. My Pogo rating it 1719. I won playing the Sicilian as Black by getting to an endgame with Bishops of opposite colors and an extra pawn. It was a lucky win, as I blew my King position at one point, but my opponent returned the favor, blowing his chance to set up a drawing blockade. DOH.

circle 7 of problems 121-160 with 1 minute to spare =-D.

Included in this group was 2/3s of the tests in the back of Seirawan's Winning Chess Tactics. I agree with Pawn Sensei in that I think it's best to master that book first before moving on.

All wins at chess have luck involved. Luck that your opponent blundered, luck that you saw the winning combination (or gaining material combination), luck that you saw more during the game then your opponent, luck that you identified better the posibilities of a certain position, ... .

Offcourse, the higher rated you are the more lucky you will be. This is because you know more about the royal game and can so force more the luck your way.

Did anyone see my question on the Forced Checkmate post?

Logis ...
I remember Capablanca's quote, "A good player is always lucky." As a word, "luck" certainly sounds better than inspired stupidity.

Pawn Sensei ... alas no - you mean on here? Or is it on your blog?
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