Friday, March 11, 2005


Kasparov Resigns

...from professional chess that is. He is still going to play for fun and continue writing. link

After recommendations from other noble Knights, I have decided next to work with "TASC Chess CD 2-Chess Tutorials
". I doubt the entire CD is worth doing 7 circles on, so I will need to determine just where my level is with it. I certainly don't want to repeat the experience of frustration others have had with other software (cough, cough). Other titles that I was considering was ChessBase's School of Elementary Tactics, Renko's Intensive Tactics Course and Killer Moves.
Completed circle 5 of problems 160-204.

The youth of the Netherlands all are grown up with Tasc's CD.
That's why they are tactically strong. The first 2 steps are for the extreme novice. But step 3-5 suit all players between 1300 and 1600 extremely well.
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