Monday, February 21, 2005


Endgame Stuff Part 5

I found a nice combination that leads to a won endgame rather than mate. It's from the recent Laura Ross vs Dimitri Gurevich game. I have annotated it starting at Black's move 25. If you want a challenge, try to figure out the combination from White's move 25. Ross vs Gurevich

I have attempted to make my annotation simple enough for even me to understand! I am a beginner in writing them, and would appreciate any comments about it from those more experienced annotators out there in blog space.

Working on circle 2 of problems 121-160, which I hope will be last of book circles
One more for you Polgar fans - beat the master on 5087! Answer in comments.

Rh4+! is quicker. If Black doesn't take with ...Kxh4, White wins after 2. Rxh3 (see below for lines).
Suicide variant players will find this kind of sacrifice familiar.
Please let me know if there are any errant lines here - ty
Starting with the moves
1. Rh4 +! Kg5?? 2. Rxh3 or
1. Rh4 +! Kf5?? 2. Rxh3,
Black is forced to protect his g pawn because losing it to 3. Rxg3 would simply leave double pawns which cannot be protected.

Black would like to mate White after protecting his g pawn if he could get to Ke3 followed by g2#. White will kick the King off of the e file to stop that idea.

1... Kg5?? 2. Rxh3 Kf4 3. Rh8 Ke3 4. Re8+ Kd3 5. Rg8 +-
Black is one tempo behind in what he needs for checkmate, and
the g pawn falls. Well done Black!If Black attempts to draw by keeping his pawns protected with
1... Kg5?? 2. Rxh3 Kg4 3. Rh8 Kg5 4. Rf8 Kg4 5. Rf7
he is in zugzwang and cannot continue protecting the pawn.

Also in this line Black's promotion threats are stopped by

5...Kh4 6. Rxf3 Kh3 7. Rf4 g2+ 8. Kxf2 +- where 8...Kh2 leads to 9. Rh4#
5...Kh3 6. Rf4! putting Black into zugzwang before he has a chance to
escort the g pawn from h2. Either Black will get mated with
7...Kh2 8. Rh4# or he will hang the f2 pawn with
7...g2+ 8. Kxf2 +-.

There are other lines, and in them the Black King abandons the protection of the Black pawns quicker or essentially transposes something similar to the above lines.
the comments aren't bad. But i have the feeling that you either misunderstand some chess terms or define them wrong. I can be wrong tough. It can be me who defines chess terms wrong. Certainly since i am dutch speaking and so i can misunderstood an english explanation (most good chess books are in english nowadays).

But overall the annotations where good, although i like more the comments you made in the comment to your blogentry. Much better.

Thanks for the feedback. When it comes to tactical chess I certainly may be missing the mark. That's part of the reason I did the annotation of "Ross vs Gurevich". That has alot of different tactics in a nice sequence.
I look forward to having some time so I can read your posts in more depth. Looks like a lot of interesting info.
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