Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Endgame Stuff Part 2

I found a great game viewing applet at the ICC. If you found my last post too easy, try this: Endgame link

Finished circle 6 of 81-120.

In a comment in your previous post you said about the endgame position you give in this post: "There is a solution, with a number of variations: 1.Ke3 f2 2.Qb5 f1=Q 3.Qxf1+ Kb2 4.Qb5+ {take your pick here}...Ka1 5.Qe2 Kb1 6.Kd3.

But what if black plays on move 4. Kc1 instead of Ka1??

Well if you started like me, you get the less correct
1. Ke3 f2 2. Qb5 f1=Q 3. Qxf1+ Kb2 4. Qb5+ Kc1 5. Qf1+ Kb2 6. Qe2+ Kb1 7.Kd3 and then you need a Knight promotion for Black not to be mated on 8. This is looks sufficient to win in variations like 6...Ka3 7.Qd3+ Kb2 8.Qd2+ Kb3 (Kb1? Kd3!) 9.Qc1 and
6....Kb3 7.Qd1+ Kb2 8.Qd2+ Kb3 (Kb1? Kd3!) 9.Qc1 and the a1 square is covered.

5.Qc4+! followed by 6.Kd3 or Kd2 mates no matter how Black promotes ;).
I'll add 4... Kc3 5.Qa4 leads either to a prosaic mate or lines like the ones above, and 4... Ka3 5.Qa5+ Kb2 6.Kd2 a1=Q 7.Qb4+ Ka2 8.Kc2 is nasty as well :).
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