Saturday, February 12, 2005


Mind Wide Open

That's the title of a book I read part of recently. It describes the mind as having a modular design and yet it produces a singular "us" identity. I think this makes a ton of sense and definitely fits my chess experience. This is how I see my brain in chess:

Looking over all of this, it becomes apparent why I and other intermediate players have shifted to a more focused tactical study approach. We need to learn use the best brain parts for the job at hand!


Slogging through circle 4 of problems 81-120.

For training your visualisation brain I recommend
I did it for some time and my visualisation of the board with closed eyes grew immense. I even started to dream about chessboards in 3D and technicolor. Alas it doesn't influence your rating.
I like reading your long posts. They tell so much!

And don't worry that "some brain" isn't there yet. It will come over time and then you will wonder how did you ever learn that. :)
Wow man. That is deep. It's over my head though.

Tempo, your like the third person I have had recommend that site. Must be something to it.

Logis and PS, glad you like it. I have a few thoughts on chess that have been waiting for a long time to come out.
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