Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Endgame Stuff

I've been thinking more about the 30 + endgame problems. I am considering getting 10 problems that illustrate the transition from the middlegame, 10 problems that force me to calculate several variations, and 10 problems to show two or more themes simultaneously. The goal is to be better prepared, not an expert. Of course, anyone who gets through the whole CT-ART collection could become a holy terror in the endgame.

Here is a two or more themes type of example that I composed. Enjoy.

White to Move After Draw Offered

If you took the draw, look again. The a position is similar to the Queen v. Rook pawn on the seventh draws, but just one pawn changes that. Oh, and it does has more than 1 solution.
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P.P.S. Anyone know of a simple to use chess Java applet for fen/pgn files? Uploading graphics seems ridiculous.

Ke4 and Kg4 mate in 3, Ke2 mates in 4.
It's an obvious mate in 4! Since the white king has to walk to c2, doesn't matter that black promotes his pawn to Q on f1 when the white king arrives on c2 since Qb2# follows then.

Question you have to ask however, is the solution the same if the f-pawn is one square further down to the f1 square?

If you can answer that question you have learned something new.

These would be interesting problems and would probably yield some points. I'd like to see them if you ever finish 'em.
Forgot to answer your question about java-applet.

I guess you can find a java applet that suits you at:

I use chesspad and chesstool to create my pgns and diagrams (chesstool to create diagrams in .jpg and .gif form since chesspad can't do that).

Hope this helps,
Thanks, logis I'll check those out. And that bp on f3, WK on f2 is nasty. I couldn't get it, even though I read something similar in the Euwe endgame book. Actually in my post it was the mate in 3 part that I was shooting for. I missed a similar situation, but without the promotion threat being so close. I suspect most beginning/intermediate players would miss 1. Ke4 f3 2. Qc2 because it looks like 1. Qc2 stalemates Black so forget about that move.
Hmmmm, didn't saw that mate in 3. But i think it's because i saw that mate in 4 and then stopped to think further because i had my mate. I am just one lazy bastard! :)

I doubt that there is a mate when the bp is on f3 and the WK on f2. But i can be wrong. You guys are the tacticians, you should tell me :)

I am just one lazy bastard! :) LOL

There is a solution, with a number of variations: 1.Ke3 f2 2.Qb5 f1=Q 3.Qxf1+ Kb2 4.Qb5+ {take your pick here}...Ka1 5.Qe2 Kb1 6.Kd3.

The Euwe Book is full of that stuff.
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