Saturday, February 19, 2005


Circle 8

I did an extra circle while everything was still fresh in my brain. 60 minutes, 120 problems. Whew! I honestly feel a little sick, but a bit more competent. The speed/accuracy/speed/accuracy/...approach is working well. What isn't working well is using books. Polgar's 4881 (of 5334) is the perfect example; lots of variations and an incorrect answer in the book. If anyone wants to beat the master and feel like a genius, try coming up with the correct line for 4881. I tried for a total of 5 hours and still couldn't get it, although I still am a beginner at calculation. The plus thing is my instincts were on target about 4881's answer being inaccurate.

Now I'm curious. i may have to pull down Papa Polgar's book and take a look.
What is your problem? The variations in the book seem correct to me!
It's partially correct but not the best line. Furthermore 17...h6 is inaccurate. I leave it up to curious readers to refute it!
Sorry, there are no better lines than in the book. The only other thing black can do is 17 ... Lh6, with leads to mate also after 18. f4
Hmm - is Bishop or Knight "L"?

17... Bh6 18. f4 lasts more moves than the text 17...h6. Bh6 kills the quick mate idea via Be3.

Still, a shorter path to forced mate exists. Try a new move on White's 15 after 12... Kxg7 13. Qg4+ Kf7 14. Qh5+ Kg7.

4:25 PM
15. Nf5+ Brilliant. I totaly missed that one. As did Susan Polgar, whom to my knowledge has checked the variations in this book. My compliments. 17... Lh6 is indeed the Dutch notation for 17... Bh6, which is a more logical defense than 17....h6
Cool, now I know what Lh6 means :).

I originally looked at 15. Nf5+, but didn't continue until the position was truly quiet. Tough one to see!
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