Sunday, August 07, 2005


Minor Injustice

Several writers have remarked how KNN vs. K seems short-changed, since only KBB vs. K and KBN vs. K can force mate on an open board. A strange truth, and made stranger still by the number of special cases where KNN vs. Kp(s) or even KB does force mate. The extra material gives the weaker side enough poison tempi to screw up the whole stalemate.

I think there is a reverse "injustice" that gives compensation. Simply put, KNNN vs. K can force mate, but if you had 8 Bishop underpromotions made on the same color, a KBBBBBBBBB vs. K ending cannot force mate. That's alot of material, and perhaps a fairer comparison.

Down to just over 10 problems per day because they are so tough.
I lost a OTB last night, which I don't mind since Chessmaster rated his game as 0 pawns worth of error. That's much better than my 5.13!

TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2
Step 197%99%
Step 293%96%
Step 393%97%
Step 480%86%
Step 574%*76%

I've got chessmaster 9000, can you check how many pawns worth of error with that? :)
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