Friday, July 29, 2005


Step 4 Complete

I had some spare time and cranked out all the rest of the problems for this step (KEEPING UP THE HARD WORK PMD!). The 86% is probably slightly inflated from some I had to redo to have it maintain score, and I want to review several problems near the end that I wasn't fully calculating. I know just pushing through isn't good training, but it feels good to be this far.

Found a TCT error: Step 4, 17e, #8 move 3. both Rf8# and Qf8# are mate , but it marks Qf8# as incorrect.


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2
Step 197%99%
Step 293%96%
Step 393%97%
Step 480%86%
Step 574%??%

Nice and slow, that's the way to do it. Congratulations.
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