Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Multiple Theme Sacrifice

White to Move

Sacrifices are one of the most intriguing and yet difficult parts of chess I have run across. They appear so rarely in a typical chess game that it's easy to miss, and even when handed a problem where you kind of expect to be going that route it's still often challenging to calculate. I see another complicating factor as multiple tactics which my composition above hopefully illustrates.

Using Burgess's tactical semantics (which seems to differ from others') I see the best line as follows:


forcing ...Qxg7


This position obviously is artificial, but I found it really difficult to put all 4 of these themes in an example of any kind.


TCT is going along ok, but I really look forward to being done. I look forward to being in a more balanced study mode, but for now I aim to average 15 minutes a weak opening review.

A blog related thing - Following the trend I have added a RSS feedburner page, although I'm not sure if it was needed. What Druss has going looks nice.


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3Circle 4
Step 197%99%99%100%r
Step 293%96%95%97%
Step 393%97%97%96%
Step 480%86%90%92%
Step 574%



They appear so rarely in a typical chess game that it's easy to miss

That depends on what you are used to. Once I had a series of 30 OTB games with 24 piece sacrifices (of mine)in it. And countless pawn sacrifices. The past half year I remember at least two games with 3 piece sacrifices in one game. The last ended in a draw, by the way:)
Thanks :)

Bloglines is very nice. Although, as Tempo always says, it doesn't notice if new comments are added. I like the way it automatically updates my blogroll as well.
your last two posts are interesting. I find it difficult to discribe chess positions and tactical formations. I am glad the position of a "half pin" has a name. I had never heard it before.
Thanks for the feedback. I got the terminology from the "Mammoth Book of Chess".
Tempo - I really hope to work into more dynamic games, but I now to lose more when I do attempt it.
That relies on the you happen to be employed to. Once I had a compilation ofCheapest wow gold Thirty OTB online games using Twenty four bit eschew (of acquire)from it. As well as a great number of pawn sacrifices. Days gone by fifty percent calendar year I recall no less than two online games using Three portion sacrifices in a single video game.Cheapest Diablo 3 gold The last led to the sketch, incidentally:)
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