Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Messy Situations

I just had a decent OTB game against a good local player :-). I lost to him awhile ago, in somewhat quick fashion.

I played Black in this game, using an unusual defense against the King's Gambit. While my play was far from perfect on this, it was sufficient to give me some chances. I think the novelty of this defense probably will take some of the King's Gambit players out of their book.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2Circle 3
Step 197%99%99%
Step 293%96%95%
Step 393%97%97*
Step 480%86%??
Step 574%



Wild game.
Does this 3. ... f5 variation of the King's Gambit have a name?
A quick google search gives me this: Gianutio Counter Gambit C34, no idea if that is right.
I don't know, but it was analyzed by GM Matthias Wahls in an article, "The King's Gambit Finally Refuted!". That sounds better than just C30, which is Fritz's understanding of it. It also may be known as the Adelaide Counter Gambit.
My book is called "winning with the Kings Gambit". So there seems to be a conflict of insights!:)
BTW I hadn't expect you to play so wild.
>>BTW I hadn't expect you to play so wild.

Well what would chess be without a little "Spill" once in awhile :-).

Honestly, I have seen my opponent beat some decent players, and I figured my chances would be nil in other more passive defenses.
Correction on..10 - it needs to say, "immediately play Ne5 +- ", meaning advantage for White.
I've recently taken up study of the KG, hoping to eventually introduce it into play, but I've got some reservations about it. Specifically, it seems like there are many opportunities for black to disrupt the white king, much as you did in your game. Indeed, some of the "main line" variations leave the king quite exposed which is pretty intimidating.

A very nice game, it's a shame you had to offer the draw because you were crushing him.
PMD, the position after 7.Kf2 is actually very strong for white. You just have to get used to such positions and see where the power lies. That's why it is so important to play gambits for a while.
The problems for white started with grabbing a pawn with 10.Bxc7
Forgetting everything he ever learned about how to open a game.
It was greed, then, Sir Howling Belly, pure greed :-).
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