Thursday, July 14, 2005


Chug chug chug

TCT is moving along well and I just hit a string of 100% correct problems. It feels alot better than a string of under 80%, let me tell ya!

I have been thinking about Tempo's comment about defense. I will say that Looking for Trouble has been helpful in that area. It's somewhat difficult reading, and demands readers to thoroughly calculate things out. Simply put, it exercises the brain in what if my opponent gets an extra move type of threat assessment. One thing the book seems to be missing is that many threats exist only after a bad move. That seems to be a ailment that many intermediate players suffer from.

I got in a standard game which I won against a strong beginner. I was much better about writing down the moves before making them, although that possibly was made easier by having a 1 pawn lead for most of the game. I was simply focused on checks, captures, threats, and hanging pieces and that was enough. I had one opportunity to end the game more quickly but calculation failed me then. More to work on I suppose...


TCT Results

Circle 1Circle 2
Step 197%99%
Step 293%96%
Step 393%*98%
Step 480%??%
Step 574%??%

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